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The Bookmobile Comes to the Fork

One of the highlights of the month while I was running the store was the day the bookmobile came and parked in my lot and the Forkland residents would come by and check out books. It usually came about one thirty in the afternoon so I had finished with my lunch crowd by that time. If someone was loafing by the old stove I would get them to yell at me if a customer needed help. If there was no one in the store, I had to try and keep an eye out for a car that might drive up and someone go into the market.
Anne and Leigh were always excited to get home from school on the day the bookmobile came because they knew I would have checked them out a whole new bunch of books to read. It was such fun to ramble through all the choices. I like to read biographies and the ladies that ran the rolling libary would always try and bring me new ones to read. Sometimes, Peg would be loafing by the stove and I would come back into the store with all the books I could carry and he would ask me, “what in the world are you going to do with all those books?” I usually read them all in my spare time. The shelf under the store counter was always home to a book I was reading and others lying in wait.

The minute the school bus stopped out front in the afternoons, the girls would come running into the store and look at all the books to see what new adventures they would go on while reading.

My children all love to read and I am so glad we impressed upon them the importance of books when they were young. To this day they are all avid readers.
It is amazing when you live a simple life in the country how exciting something like the bookmobile coming by is to your life. We had many great hours of reading time thanks to the Boyle County Library and that rolling library on wheels. Just goes to show that a lot of the best things in life are free and living simply is not so bad in this hurried world of today.


5 Responses

  1. I absolutley cherished the Bookmobile!!! What a great memory. I remember how excited we would get over our books and I still get that excited when I get a good book to read. Love you mom!!Leigh

  2. What an excellent entry! I just loved the bookmbile! I have often thought about how fun it would be to drive the bookmobile, just knowing you are bringing such great adventures to small communities! I love that you and Dad were both such avid readers and that was definitely something we all picked up! Love you!Anne

  3. Judy,I’m glad you found my blog about the Rice’s and now I’ve found your’s about the Fork!Yes, they lived on Elk Cave Rd., it that little white house that is now burnt. I’ve been in your store many times and walked barefoot up and down Minor’s Branch many, many times.I plan to add much more to my blog as time allows. My hubby and I just finished building our home (by ourselves) and are in recoup stage. As soon as I can, I have many tales of the family and most of them will be related to the Forkland area as many of them still live in the surrounding area. My daughter and I are taking art from Marjory this semester and it is such a wonderful trip back down memory lane every week.I’ve bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading all the entries. It’s very nice to “meet” you!Teresa

  4. I remember the days of the book mobile as well. I love to read and back then when we had no money to buy good books and no where to buy them, the book mobile was a blessing. Thanks for the memory! Glenna

  5. Hi Judy, I can remember coming to your store with my mother Cheryl to get books on the bookmobile. C.T.

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