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The "Green Goddess" Gets a New Home

Since the Cougar was totaled after the flood, the Green Goddess was the only thing I had to drive until I could get something to take the place of the Mercury. Anne and Leigh was not at all happy about this situation. The Goddess had been cleaned up and no longer was filled with mud but she creaked and the doors were kind of loose, she had dents all over her from being banged around on her trip down the road and into the creek bank. She also had a slight, musty odor about her. There was some rust in places, and the right rear view mirror was still missing. The electric windows no longer worked and she was generally just a mess but sometimes we have to just make do with what we have at the moment.

I distinctly remember one day when we had gone grocery shopping in Danville and the girls were so low in the seat you could barely see the tops of their heads. God forbid, we should see one of their friends while riding around in this rattletrap. We came out of the grocery, loaded the bags into the back seat and Leigh slammed the back door real hard. I quietly told her not to do that again because the door was liable to fall off right there in the parking lot. She jumped in the front seat and told me she would certainly not be riding home in this stupid thing without a door should it happen to fall off and that the situation was bad enough at that moment. They were still at that age where they were embarrassed at just about everything that happened in those days and this car totally took the cake when it came to embarrassment but she was running like a top despite all her other flaws!

A week or so later, the girls and I was in Harrodsburg and stopped at a car lot there to just look around and see what they had to offer in the way of used vehicles. I had the money from when Leonard Roller hit the Mercury before the flood and then the money from it being totaled out after the flood. I don’t think I was supposed to own that car.

The girls spotted a small, white chevy spectrum and wanted to try it out. It was not nearly the car the Mercury was but they thought it would be perfect for them to learn to drive. We tried it out and it seemed in pretty good shape and looked almost new. I am sure at this point anything better than the wagon would be just what they were looking to get. They talked me into buying this car and I wrote the salesman a check for it. I had to get someone to take me over to the lot the next day to pick it up. The thing was great on gas and had front wheel drive and was easy to handle.

A couple days after we became the new owners of the spectrum they wanted to drive it around the parking lot and fill it up with gas. I was busy in the store and told them to be very careful. The next thing I see is the little, white, spectrum going away from the store and up the winding road toward Frank Gorley’s house. I take off on foot after them telling myself to be calm and not to kill them when I catch up. I was lucky in that they pulled in Frank’s driveway and did not know how to turn it around. I am sure I had a few choice words to lay on them over this episode but we laugh about it today and keep it as one of our special moments.

Red Nielsen needed a car and wanted to buy the Goddess. I sold her to him for $500 and he drove that car for years. It has to be one of the best station wagons ever made or put on the market.

Years later, Leigh was living in Lexington and swears the “Goddess” was parked at a house next door because the right mirror was missing and it was a pale green. She says the car still haunts her to this day!

3 Responses

  1. HAHAHAH I will never forget that day that Leigh and I drove the car down to Franks. I remember thinking, “mom will never know, she is busy in the store” YEAH RIGHT, you know everything! love you-Anne

  2. I swear, I am sitting at work just laughing my ass off. My coworker just asked me what could possibly be so funny??!! hehhheee, Good times! I hated that station wagon and still expect to see it again. It does haunt me. That day we drove down to Franks and we saw you coming down the road, Anne and I knew were gonna get it!!!! Love you!!!

  3. Hi Judy what a great name you have…..LOL…..thanks for stopping by my sight….your post sure did make me chuckle, for I have been in the same situation, where the girls slid down, Heaven forbid someone see them in an old car…..or driving around with mom…..and when you spoke of the door might fall off, brought back a memory of when my hubby and I was dating, his dad had an old Hudson…..it was green…..he picked me up for a date, and we went downtown to go to a movie, and he got out, and opened the passenger door for me, he stood there with the door in his hand…. talk about silly…..we did have to drive home doorless…. kids now have new cars, with doors that seem to stay on…. judy

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