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Good Bye Forkland, I Am Moving On!

The flood was the beginning of the end of my years in the store. The experience caused me to be so frightened every time the water started to rise in the creeks that I decided to sell the market and move on with my life. I moved to a little town called Junction City and went to work in Harrodsburg as a waitress for about three weeks, then as a deli manager for a Big Value Store in Danville, and finally bought a building in Mitchellsburg, Kentucky and opened a small restaurant. Eventually, I moved back to my hometown of Frankfort and went back to work for the State of Kentucky where I had worked for 11 years previously. I retired from state government in May 2005.

I wrote this blog for my children and grandchild. It covers the seven and a half years of my life I spent living in the Forkland area of Gravel Switch, Kentucky. During this time, I owned and operated a small country store known as Judy’s Market. There was good times and bad times during these years but mostly good times. My twins, Anne and Leigh, look back fondly at their childhood days growing up on the Fork. It was an experience we will never forget nor will we ever forget all the wonderful people and friends we made. We learned so much about life during these years and what it means to be loving, loyal, honest, and giving like the people of the Forkland community and that family and friends are the important things in our lives. I feel I have covered the most outstanding times in the store and am closing out this blog. If, in the future, something comes to mind that I have left out, I will come back and add to what I have already written. If you should happen upon this blog and are interested in reading about this experience, please go all the way back to the oldest post and begin at the beginning when I first bought the property and began my life as the owner of a country store. It will make a lot more sense to you if you start at the beginning. Also, please leave me a comment and thanks for stopping by. I am now in my senior years and have started another blog to cover my retirement and how I spend my days. You can go to it by clicking, “Living on the Other Side of the Hill” in my sidebar on the left.  Thanks to all the people of the Forkland area for making my years so memorable that I could write these “Tales of the Rolling Fork”.