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  1. I’m not sure how exactly I ran across your blog “Tales of the Rolling Fork”. I lived on Minors Branch for a little over a year; we must have missed each other in passing, as I moved back to Illinois in early 1986. Lewell and Jewell were my neighbors, I lived at the house at the top of Mule Hill. I still keep in contact with their daughter Shiela, we have remained close over the years. I last saw Jewel when she came up to Illinois to visit family. She is a lovely woman. I have such fond memories of the Mills home, too many to bore you with the details. All the people you wrote about, I remember… Red Nielson too! Your blog brought back so many memories; you described his house perfectly. And the picture of Lewell brought tears to my eyes. I can hear him laughing and I can see his twinkling blue eyes. Shiela and I used to sunbathe in the creek under the bridge by your store too!
    Thank you for sharing-Minors Branch will always have a special place in my heart.

    • Hi Christine, So happy to hear from another person who lived on the Fork. Such great memories I have of Forkland and I wanted to keep them for my children. I think Jewell is in pretty bad shape as I am friends on Facebook with one of the girls and some of the family. I see where they say she is not doing well at all and is bedfast. I am friends with Bonnie Mills and Heather, Lavonne’s Daughter. My girls think the Fork was a magical place to spend some of their growing up time and I loved every minute I was there. Good to hear from you and happy you enjoyed my story of the years on the Fork.

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